Mike Ramone’s Record

Republican Michael Ramone has been in office for 12 years.

Mike’s voting record shows that he’s out of step with the values of our district. We need a Representative who will stand up for our principles and help make Delaware safer, fairer, healthier, and more prosperous.

Mike says: “I stand by my voting record and have always put first the best interest of the people of the 21st District.

These are the facts:


Mike has shown his first priority is the NRA and its agenda.

We need a Representative who will put the safety of children and public spaces first.

The NRA endorsed Mike giving him an A- grade. Maybe because he:

  • Voted No on requiring safe storage of guns around children. (HB63)

  • Voted No on allowing local governments to ban unauthorized guns and explosives in public buildings and police stations. (HB192 and HB201)

  • Voted No on strengthened penalties for illegally carrying a concealed gun. (HB72)

  • Voted No on establishing a gun buyback program. Despite Mike's opposition, the bill passed and took 2,040 guns out of Delaware in a single day. (SB25)

Women and Families

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court justices and federal judges could overturn precedents like Roe v. Wade.

Mike Ramone’s record shows he won’t stand up for women and families. If these crucial issues fall to the states, our Representatives will be even more important.

  • Voted No on protecting women’s right to choose by codifying Roe v. Wade in Delaware. (SB5)

  • Mike Ramone joined other Republicans in refusing to vote for the Equal Rights Amendment in 2017, delaying its passage until last year. (HB5)

  • Refused to vote for protecting sexual harrassment survivors and witnesses from retaliation. (HB360)

  • Refused to vote for requiring sexual harrassment training for employees. (HB360)

  • Refused to vote on banning child marriage. (HB337)

  • Voted No on paid family leave for state employees. (HB3)


Mike Ramone has voted against the protections in the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans in Congress are trying to gut those protections, and Mike Ramone is voting for their agenda in Delaware.

We need a Representative who will help make healthcare more affordable to more Delawareans and protect those with pre-existing conditions. Mike Ramone has proven that’s not him.

  • Voted No on protecting people with pre-existing conditions. (SB35)

  • Voted No on dental coverage for people with Medicaid. The only states that don't have this coverage are Tennessee and Alabama. (SB92)

Campaign Finance

Why does Mike Ramone keep voting against the values and best interests of the district?

He puts the hard-line partisan Republican agenda ahead of your needs.

  • Mike is “proud” to have accepted over $100,000 in campaign contributions from corporations, PACs, and special interest groups. (Campaign Finance Records)

  • Voted No on requiring lobbyists to file disclosures online about their lobbying activities. (SB185)

  • Voted No on closing a major loophole and improving transparency in campaign finance disclosures. (HB300)

  • Mike has spent over $60,000 on McConnell and Trumps hyper-partisan Republican campaign consultants. Majority Strategies helps their clients promote Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees and energize the conservative base.

  • Mike spent hundreds of dollars of campaign contributions at Hooters this month. (Oct 28, 2020 Campaign Finance Report)

Minimum Wage

Your neighbors are struggling to get by and pay bills during the COVID crisis. Mike Ramone has repeatedly voted against small increases in the minimum wage. Mike Ramone’s votes help keep families in poverty.

Joe Biden is fighting for a minimum wage increase to help working families earn a living wage.

We need a Representative who supports Joe Biden and working families.

  • In 2014, Mike voted no on raising the minimum wage from $7.15 to $8.25 by 2015. (SB6)

  • In 2018, Mike voted no on raising the minimum wage from $8.25 to $9.25 by 2019. (SB170)

  • Mike then worked with his fellow Republicans to force through his training and youth wage” which allows paying minors and new employees less than the minimum wage. (HB483)

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